This country was invaded. The sovereignty of First Nations people has never been ceded.

The Greens will commence a state-wide process of truth-telling and healing, on the path to Treaty and self-determination for First Nations people of NSW. We will raise the age of criminal responsibility and keep children with family and community.

Mining and burning coal and gas is the leading cause of the climate crisis. Coal and gas are causing more extreme floods, fires and droughts in NSW.

The Greens don’t take donations fossil fuel industry. We have a plan to keep coal and gas in the ground and make coal and gas corporations pay for the damage they have done to communities and the environment.

People are struggling to keep their head above water because the cost of everything is going up, and real wages have fallen.

The Greens will cut rents, stop unfair evictions, and build affordable homes. We will scrap the public sector wages cap, invest to ensure lower energy prices and ensure that public schools are genuinely free.